Winter and Your Windshield

Winter and Your Windshield

Winter and Your Windshield

Auto glass is not immune to the effects of cold weather. If your windshield is already cracked there is a good chance it will only get worse during the cold months. There are several reasons for this but the biggest problem is the fact that glass will expand and contract as its temperature changes.

This means that as you defrost and heat your windows from a cold temperature to a warmer temperature the crack you already have has a good chance of getting worse.

Of course water or moisture will also affect this as moisture also expands so using hot or boiling water to defrost your window is a bad idea.

Turning your defrost on high can also have the same effect so it is always recommended that you defrost your windshield slowly starting with a lower heat setting and raising it as the glass warms up. Having a cracked windshield can be a hazard if it blocks your view in any way and it is also a great reason for the police to pull you over and ticket you.

Taking some time to look into repair options may help you save money or even you and your loved ones lives in the long run.

Many windshield repair companies will actually come repair your auto glass on site meaning that they can often do it while you work. There are several different options and for a small crack or chip they may be able to repair it. In many cases insurance may even cover the cost. For more serious cracks it may be necessary to replace the windshield and again insurance may help you cover the costs for this as well. In the long run even if you had to pay for the repairs yourself it will still be worth more than risking lives.

Your best bet is to repair small chips as soon as they appear which doesn’t give them time to expand and turn into cracks. If you find that these are happening on a regular basis then you may want to expand your insurance coverage to include auto glass repairs if you’re not currently covered for this. This will save you money, time, and tickets in the end. Finding a good auto glass repair company is a must and once you have found the right company, save their number for future use. This will save you headaches in the future as windshield chips ad cracks are just part of owning a car.

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