Tips to Purchase Caravans for Sale

Tips to Purchase Caravans for Sale

Tips to Purchase Caravans for Sale

The task of buying a caravan for sale is quite daunting. Before purchasing one, there are numerous factors which must be considered. Following are the tips which one can follow to make this process easy.

1. Doing research

There are various kinds of layouts available nowadays. For example, if one is searching for a four berth van with a living room, he or she must research thoroughly. Comparing prices within the private and trade market is also important since they can vary. It is also important to find out all information regarding the caravan. For example, log book, warranty documents, service invoices and receipts, ownership documents, etc must be looked at.

2. Interior Inspection

While doing an interior inspection of the caravan on sale, it must be checked for dampness. This dampness is indicated by a moist condition, and no water is visible at the surface, causing the walls and floors to rot with time. Due to this, holes, potential health hazards and a bad smell are left in the caravan. Only a professional can properly repair the caravan in this case. The one done by an amateur can cause discoloration or bulge. The entire van must be checked for the dampness since it can reside anywhere. When there is a smell in the van, then mold, bumps and stains must be searched. Discoloration and springy floors can be a major giveaway. Many camping retailers provide damp testers and reduce the possibility of damping.

3. Exterior Inspection

Visible Damages like broken surfaces, dents and scratches must be searched. Sealants must be assessed. Oil based sealant needs to be changed every five years, sealants based on silicon lasts for twenty years, whereas those of acrylic compounds last for ten years. External features like electronics, lights, wheels, handles, doors, aerial roof etc must be checked.

The underside of the van must be checked too. Checking the main door is necessary for making sure that hinges and locks are secure. Both hinges and locks must have a watertight fit for avoiding dampness. Fitting of roof vents and windows must be checked. In the case of a double glazed unit, internal condensation must be checked for regularly. The replacement of these parts is expensive.

4. Electric and gas check

Checking of electrics and gas must be done thoroughly. If the system is faulty, it can prove to be expensive and lethal. If there is any doubt, professional help must be taken to check out the problems.

5. Checking the fitted equipment

If one is purchasing a caravan through a dealer, the equipment of the van must be tested as pre-delivery inspection. Although water, fire and fridge are reliable, in case they give problems, it is generally when they work using gas. The operation of oven, grill and the hob with the cylinder must be checked. Special attention must be paid to spark ignition system. Additional lights and sockets must be tested by an electrician. Connectors and battery leads must also be checked for damage. Water pumps must be inspected for ensuring the water delivery to all taps.

6. Suitability

In order to select the most suitable caravan for a specific purpose, some compromises may be needed. There are a large number of variations in the layouts of the floor, shelving, refrigerators, bedding arrangements, cupboards, and cooking appliances.

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